Buy Admission Passes for the Bling Wheel! For a limited time, experience the madness and wonder of the Dragonfall Carnival then spin the Bling Wheel to earn Golden Pets, Shadow Costumes, and more exclusive prizes!
But Beware: The carnies are biters.


Collect Tickets for the Carnival Prize Wheel! The stuffy, congested Social Tavern is a thing of the past -- spread out in the new outdoor social hub! And while the Carnival is town, spin the Carnival Prize Wheel to win buffs, fireworks and other whizz-bangs!

Purchase an Admission Pass for 150 Gems (psst...or sneak in for free!) to access the Carnival.
Each Admission Pass gets you a spin at the Bling Wheel to score Golden Pets, Shadow
Costumes, and other exclusive prizes!

These golden versions of your favorite pets will start off as Veteran, will roll legendary, and will
start off with the guaranteed pet ability! No need to wait for that hatchling to evolve!

Ruffles, hats, and mustaches are all the rage under the big top! Grab the Big Top Bundle or spin
the wheel in the Dragonfall Carnival to don these festive new outfits plus Shadow Costumes
and Harbinger’s Veil Costumes!

The Heroes Marketplace is a brand-new outdoor social hub. Absorb some Vitamin D while you
mingle with your fellow Defenders. And for a limited time while the Dragonfall Carnival is in town,
use your red Wheel Tickets and to spin the Carnival Prize Wheel for pets, legendary items, and more!

Exchange your tickets for buffs! Each buff lasts 10 minutes and increases the appropriate stat by 10%
of its current value! Farm them before they disappear!

Be a team player! Like the Hero Stat Buffs, the Dragonfall Popcorn Machine buff lasts for 10 minutes and buffs Health Regen and Ability Mana Regen. It also provides a 10% boost to Hero Critical and Defense Critical Chance. But wait, there's more! The buff stacks with the other Carnival consumable buffs!

You can also exchange your tickets for a chance at winning legendary items and other prizes!

Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4800 gems on the Guardian of Fire elemental variant! Exclusive to the Huntress as our first experimental variant, Guardian of Fire comes with 31 legendary accessories. Show her off as our way of saying thank you
for being a dedicated Defender!